Sunday 1 November 2015

Witches Hats & Cats

Hello again! This post is for my second and last Halloween mani of the year haha! Sorry I've been such a let down this month, it's been busy with starting my second year of uni and I've also struggled with ideas for Halloween hence why the ones I've done have just been recreations of other peoples. But anyway, hopefully next year will be better that Halloween's over, we can get excited for Christmas which, lets face it, is 10x better! This mani is a recreation of this one from Jo at Dahlia Nails. Jo's little cat just looked so cute and as it seemed relatively simple I thought (hoped) I could do it too.

For these nails I used all Barry M polishes. The grey base is Pit Stop and the black is Black. I did the yellow for the cats eyes in Mustard which I'm slightly regretting now, it's not bright enough! Again I used Black for the pupil with a small dotting tool and then the white nail art pen. It's not as tidy as I'd like because my hand kept shaking which isn't really helpful when you're trying to do a tiny dot... The cats nose was done using Rose Hip and a small brush.

I know it's not the most complicated or artistic mani in the world but I'm pretty happy with how these came out as my freehand has been pretty horrendous recently. It was also nice to be doing something from Dahlia Nails again as they were a pretty huge inspiration when I started this blog and my Instagram page a few months ago. Hope everyone had a great Halloween last night!

Abigail xo

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