Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Turquoise Stone Nails

Hey guys! Today I've got some more nail art to share with you and it's definitely one of my favourites I've done recently. I'm sure the vast majority of the nail artists in the world (although I still don't call myself a 'nail artist' haha!) have done some sort of variation of stone nails before so I decided that it was my turn. My main source of inspiration for these came from this mani created by the lovely Kat from KLEnails. You can find her blog here and her Instagram page here.

 To create this mani I began with a base of Greenberry from Barry M. I then used the water/hairspray technique to get the marbled effect over my nails by placing a drop of gold polish into a cup of water, spraying it with hairspray and then dipping my nail in. After getting the look I wanted with the gold, I then did the same thing with black polish. The gold polish I used was Gold Digger from the new Molten Metal collection from Barry M and the black polish was also a Barry M that is simply called Black. In case you want visuals on the hairspray marbling technique, take a look at this video from Nailstorming. 

As I said, I really love this mani and I'm so pleased with how it came out. I originally got annoyed that I had loads of gold on my index nail an not a lot on the ring finger nail but then just kinda figured an actual stone wouldn't be all perfect matchy matchy anyway. Talking of matching, I actually decided my attempt at these nails would be just before a lecture so ended up running out of time to do my other hand...ahem... If anyone noticed, they didn't comment! 

Upon a google search later on I also realised that turqouise is more blue than the polish I used for this so looks like I'll just have to try them again! 

Hope you enjoyed this post, see you next time!

Abigail xo


  1. These are so pretty! I'll have to try these with green :D

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