Wednesday, 18 July 2018

'Ard As Nails - Summer 2018 Cremes

*Press Sample*
Hi! It's another Wednesday and fortunately I actually have another post. This week has become slightly crazy as we decided I would be moving out on Friday so now I'm frantically packing the past four years of uni life up and wondering how on earth I've accumulated so much stuff! I'm incredibly excited to be going home though as I get to be with my gorgeous dog again and I'll be 20 minutes up the road from my boyfriend rather than 2 hours away. I just really hate packing...a lot. And don't even get me started on all the polish I have to pack yet haha! Anyway, today I'm going to be sharing the five new additions to The Creme Collection from 'Ard As Nails. Let's get stuck right in!

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Bundlemonster Kawaii Emoji - Banana Nail Art

Hi everyone! Today I have some nail art that is a little more silly and lighthearted than usual. I was trying to do some nail stuff the other day and it was just all going wrong and nothing seemed to be working. In the end I just kind of gave up with it and threw my hands in the air. Eventually I went and had a rummage through my stamping plates, picked one I hadn't used yet and came up with a new, but simple idea. I went for something bright as I clearly needed the cheering up and I've been using a lot of greens and blues lately. The funniest thing was, as silly as it was, I ended up loving the mani and didn't want to take it off!

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Wikkid Polish - Amethyst Review

Hey guys! Is it just me or is July speeding away? This will only be a short post from me today as I'm busy trying to do my dissertation and as the internet decided to crash earlier, I haven't done as much as I planned. Back in October/November I won a free polish from Wikkid Polish and I'm only just getting round to using it. Awful I know! I got to choose which one I wanted and although I had a list a mile long, I settled on a purple because as we know, you can never go wrong with purple! 

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Lesly Plates - Flowerbed 2 Review

 *Press Sample*

Hi all! Hope you're all well and still enjoying the sunshine. Today I have another plate review for you and this was sent to me by the lovely Gemma from Nail Art UK. The stamping plate I have to share is Lesly Flowerbed 2 and is actually the first Lesly plate I've owned. I've seen them being used by other nail artists on Instagram but never thought to buy some for whatever reason. Probably my lack of money due to being a student! Let's crack on and see what I thought shall we?

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Monthly Favourites - June 2018

Hi everyone! Apologies for my mini break again, things got pretty crazy very quickly and I just didn't have time for nails. The good news is, on Monday I was offered an actual full time adult job! As I'm sure most of you know, I'm just coming to the end of four years studying psychology at uni. I've been applying for jobs for months and for the most part, have heard nothing back at all. However, all that finally changed! I'm so so pleased because I'll be working in a psychiatric hospital in my home town which means I can live at my parents temporarily. My boyfriend and I are planning to get our own house together so this gives me the perfect opportunity to save some money. I am super excited and it's finally starting to feel like my life is coming together! Anyway, onto todays post! Way back in October last year I did my first, and only, monthly favourites post. Now that I'm back blogging etc., I obviously wanted to start that again properly so here we are!

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Dorkface Inspired Nail Art

Hello! How are we all today? I sincerely hope you have had a much better day than me... I started the day by leaving my house, crossing the road and then slipping on the wet pavement resulting in a scratched foot, bruised knees, dirty trousers and half the skin taken off my elbow. Unfortunately I was on the way to the train station for my volunteering placement so I couldn't go back to bed and hide for the rest of the day, boooo. Anyhow, I'm now safely tucked up in bed finishing this post! This post/nail art has been a long time coming and I'm so pleased to have finally got round to doing it! I recently discovered the lovely and very talented lady that is Jemma, owner of Dorkface. Not only does she have a great blog and a beautiful instagram, but she also has an Etsy shop with amazing artwork and other fab bits! Way, way back in January (I said it was a long time coming) I asked her if she would be happy for me to try and recreate one of her paintings as nail art. Fortunately for me, she said yes!

Monday, 18 June 2018

Painted Polish - Road to Polish Con 2017

Evening lovelies! I am back from my little weekend holiday feeling both rested and exhausted...not sure how that works but hey! It was really nice to get away for a few days with my boyfriend, parents and my gorgeous doggie and we had a lovely time exploring a bit of Cornwall. My parents are actually staying for the rest of this week but I've come back to uni to carry on with dissertation work (and blogging!). This leads me on to today's post which features one of my favourite international indie brands; Painted Polish. I have two polishes to share with you from the Road to Polish Con series in the lead up to both the New York and Chicago Polish Con's last year. Once again, my good friend Becca ordered these for me alongside her stuff and I'm sooo happy she did!

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Marble Nail Art

Hello lovely people! I hope you are all having a good week, but if you're not, just remember that it is almost the weekend! I'm actually going on a little weekend away in Cornwall with my boyfriend and my parents so I'm very excited. Although I'm not going to lie, the thing I'm most excited about is the hot tub that comes with our lodge! Anyway, before I leave I wanted to get some nail art done and I first chose a design that I haven't done for agesss. As you can probably guess from the title, it's a marble design!

Monday, 11 June 2018

Barry M - S/S 18 Molten Metal Collection

Hi all! Apologies for my missed post on Friday. I thought I could do swatches and write a post before my boyfriend came to visit but I was very much mistaken, woops! Today I'm sharing some polishes that I've waited a good few months to get my hands on and I'm super excited to have finally tried them. These are of course, the four new holographic polishes that form part of the Molten Metal collection from Barry M. Let's get right into the swatches shall we?

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

MoYou London - Minimal 05 Nail Art

Hi lovely people! Look at me go with this consistent posting! I am absolutely loving being able to do nails again. The problem is, I have so many ideas about things I want to do, I'm not sure what to do first! For now, I'm going to alternate between nail art and swatch blog posts so I can do a bit of everything and hopefully give you guys what you want too. This means that today is nail art day woohoo! I had a rummage through my stamping plates, picked some I really liked and then got my lovely boyfriend Alex to choose an image from one of them and the stamping polish colour. Read on to find out what I ended up with!