Wednesday 30 September 2015

Barry M Limited Edition Sparkling Gelly Polishes

Helloo! I'm back today with another swatch/review post, yippee! I will get back to doing nail art at some point but I just have so many new polishes at the moment, it's going a bit crazy, especially as I've just started uni again. Anyway, today I'm going to be talking about the two limited edition sparkling polishes that Barry M have just released from their Gelly collection exclusive to Superdrug. 

First up is Sparkling Amethyst, a super shiny, sparkly deep purple.

Saturday 26 September 2015

Freckles Polish Review

Hello! Massive apologies for the seriously long absence, it was unplanned and there wasn't really a lot I could do. However I definitely have a great comeback post! Today I'm going to be reviewing my first ever little haul from Freckles Polish and showing you some b-e-a-utiful photos. 

First up is Reign Supreme, a gorgeous grey holo!

Monday 7 September 2015

31DC2015: Violet

I was really excited to do this day as purple is my favourite colour and I have quite a few purple polishes. I attempted the dry brush technique for the first time and I'm unsure as to whether I like what I've done. 

31DC2015: Blue

Okay yeah so I'm still trying to catch up. It's now day seven and I haven't painted today's black and white nails yet! However this post is for day five. I went for something simple as I'd been busy and used a couple of polishes I hadn't used yet. 

Sunday 6 September 2015

31DC2015: Green

As I have quite a few green polishes I wanted to something that would allow me to use all of them so I decided on spots as unbelievably, I haven't done them for a while. 

31DC2015: Yellow

I knew I wouldn't be on time with this challenge...and I'm only 6 days in! I do have a good excuse; I've been getting ready to move/moving in to my new house at uni! Anyway, Thursday's prompt was yellow so I decided I would attempt to do a gradient butterfly design.

Thursday 3 September 2015

31DC2015: Orange

The title of this post is probably very confusing if you don't follow me on Instagram (if you don't and you want to, you can find me at @polisheddreams_). Basically I decided to take part in The 31 Day Challenge which involves painting your nails each day with help from a prompt. Goes a little bit like this...

I haven't posted my red nails for day one on the blog because honestly, they were terrible. I had to do them late because it was a busy day so that already meant the lighting would be bad for the photos, then I couldn't get the polish off my cuticles for some reason and then I went and smudged one of the nails on a box. So yeah, went really well! Day two went slightly better so these I will show you.