Wednesday 12 April 2017

Danglefoot Polish - Henry & Violet Duo

Well ladies and gentleman, this is the end of an era. Almost a year ago I shared the first Once Upon A Time duo created by Danglefoot Polish and tonight I have the very final one! Over the past year we've been lucky enough to be given five duos as well as a special single polish which I actually haven't even had a chance to swatch yet. This last duo is named 'Henry' and 'Violet' after the cute young couple and was created in collaboration with one of my nail besties Leas Nails

Sunday 9 April 2017

Sparklea Nail Polish - Mer-Maid you Laugh Collection

It seems this week was a bad week to say I'll start blogging again haha! It was my boyfriends 21st birthday on Thursday so we went away for a night and since then I've been at home without my laptop or photos. What a disaster! I've had a good few days though, it's always nice going home. Well, except we've had to make a few vet trips with my dog...the long and short of it is we don't really know what's wrong with him. His various test results keep coming back with things that don't match up so the vets are a bit confused right now. But anyway, we're here to talk about nails. Today I have another beautiful collection from Sparklea Nail Polish to share with you. It is called the Mer-Maid You Laugh Collection and features four gorgeous polishes perfect for spring/summer with pun-tastic names! 

Monday 3 April 2017

March Meebox - Miami Nice

Yippee, I've made it through another Monday! In fairness, today wasn't that bad. It went pretty quickly which is always fab. In nail related news, I have another box to share with you all tonight and I'm sure many of you will already be familiar with it. This is of course, the wonderful MeeBox! I think I've shared one box on my blog before even though I've actually had a couple more than that... I always seem to subscribe to them and then get busy! Anyway, March's theme was Miami Nice so let's a take a look at what we got this month.

Saturday 1 April 2017

Hollywood Indie Box Swatches & Review

Hi wonderful nail people! Again I'm very sorry I've been rather absent but March was definitely a crazy month! Luckily all the things that were keeping me busy are now over so I've spent today and yesterday doing nothing except painting my nails and it has been fab. To make my return to blogging I have the newest indie box created by the lovely Hayley from Danglefoot Polish. This box was Hollywood themed and we were promised lots of holo. I can safely say that is exactly what we much more!