Thursday 16 June 2016

A-England Gradient with Stamping

Hello everyone! It's been a busy week here yet again. I've done nail art, swatches and even went back to uni for a meeting that was cancelled ten minutes after I got on the train - doh! Fortunately I made the most of my trip and went shopping so it all ended well. Today's post is about some nail art I did recently that I'm superrr proud of! I had this idea over my exam period and made a note in my phone so that I wouldn't forget it. Let's take a look at what I did shall we?

I began by doing a gradient using The Blessed Damozel and Crown of Thistles from A-England. I'd originally planned to use Lady of the Lake rather than The Blessed Damozel but quickly realised it wasn't going to work. Once I was happy with my gradient I took a long time browsing through my UberChic plates before settling on this dreamcatcher-like image from 4-03. I stamped using Barry M Silver Foil which is now my absolute favourite stamping polish. There is going to be silver with everything!! I also used a clear stamper for the very first time which I bought from She Sells Sea Shells and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out (aside from the broken lines on my middle finger of course...sigh). I love that I can now get my stamp roughly in the middle of my nail yay!

As I said I'm so pleased with how these turned out, especially after having the idea for so long. I even did it on both hands and got lots of compliments which is always really nice. Purple and silver is definitely a new favourite combination of mine; I've already done another mani or two with this combo haha! Anyway, I think that's it for today. I chatted a lot more in the middle than I normally do. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! I'll be back Saturday with some more swatches!

Abigail xo


  1. Wow this is stunning. I'm always jotting down mani ideas, they usually come to me before I fall asleep and then I forgot them. I love the gradient so much, it's amazing.
    Vicky xx