Monday 3 April 2017

March Meebox - Miami Nice

Yippee, I've made it through another Monday! In fairness, today wasn't that bad. It went pretty quickly which is always fab. In nail related news, I have another box to share with you all tonight and I'm sure many of you will already be familiar with it. This is of course, the wonderful MeeBox! I think I've shared one box on my blog before even though I've actually had a couple more than that... I always seem to subscribe to them and then get busy! Anyway, March's theme was Miami Nice so let's a take a look at what we got this month.

For those that don't know, MeeBox is a UK subscription box for all us nail lovers! You can either pay monthly at £20 per month or do a three month pre-pay for £54 which works out at £18 a month. Each month you will usually find 4-5 items including nail polishes, art products, tools and treatments. This month we received an amazing SIX products! There were three nail polishes - 'Coral Canyon' from Lauren B. Beauty, 'Wet' from Floss Gloss and 'Extravagant' from Nailberry. Amazingly these were all new brands to me! Also in the box was a small Leighton Denny crystal nail file which I am soo pleased about. I already have the full size one but now I don't have to keep swapping it between my handbag and desk! There was also some rhombus glitter and holo nail foil from Charlie's Nail Art (also a new brand to me). 

I think that's quite enough chatting for now, let's see some swatches shall we? First up is Lauren B. Beauty's 'Coral Canyon'. This is a lovely peachy coral which is definitely one of my favourite summer shades. It had a nice formula but unfortunately took three coats as it was still a bit streaky after two. Luckily I kind of expected this as most polishes I've had this colour are never opaque in two coats. My one big complaint was the bottle do people hold this giant thing?! Shown here is three coats with topcoat.

 The second polish is 'Wet' from Floss Gloss. This is a beautiful minty turquoise and another of my favourite summer shades! Again another smooth formula but it did also take three coats for it to be fully opaque. I mean, really it didn't bother me that much because I was only doing a few nails but if I was painting ten nails...that's 30 coats of polish!! I also thought I was going to struggle posing with this bottle as it's quite small but actually it was easy peasy. Shown here is three coats with topcoat.

The final polish in the March box was 'Extravagant' from Nailberry. Another really nice colour! But then, it's purple soooo. In all seriousness, this light plum shade goes really well with the other two polishes. Well done MeeBox ladies! Fortunately, the opacity on this one was good as it was opaque in two coats. It also had a buttery smooth formula which was just great for application. If you get this, or 'Coral Canyon' (or any other polishes from these two brands I suppose), just be aware of polish running down the brush when you're painting as it's a pretty long handle. Don't want any ruined manicures now do we? Shown here is two coats and topcoat.

So that's all the swatches but what's this...I'm not done? One of the best parts of MeeBox, aside from ripping it open to find out what you got, is creating nail art with some of the products! I've done a couple of mani's already but I'm only going to post one in here to keep the length of the post down. I was trying to think of ways I could use all three polishes without doing a gradient as that's always my first choice and decided on the dry brush technique. I used 'Wet' as the base and then dry brushed on top with 'Extravagant' and 'Coral Canyon'. Obviously I also had to use some of the other items so I stuck a couple of the rhombus glitters on too. I'm actually pretty happy with how they came out!

Okay I'm finished now I swear! Considering I'd actually emailed asking for a refund (poor student problems!), I'm pretty glad I did accidentally end up with this box. I love the polishes and I love the extra products, literally the only problem is the size of the two bottles... But hey, I can use them and just not take photos with them! I also LOVE the other mani I did with them so I can't wait to share that with you all on Instagram. Don't miss out by not following me! The link is down below.  

Sorry for rambling for so long but I hope you enjoyed the post!

Abigail xo 

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  1. Great post hun and all 3 colours look great on you. I can't wait to see your next nail art either.
    Vicky x

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