Saturday 1 September 2018

'Ard As Nails - Autumn 2018 Cremes

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Hello lovely people! I'm back again today with another swatch and review post for 'Ard As Nails. Well, not for 'Ard As Nails as Kat doesn't ask me to write a blog post, only to swatch the polishes. I just think they're so fab that they deserve their own blog post! I received these beauties a couple of weeks ago and the shades made me soo ready for autumn. Although I do love a good neon and bright polish for summer, I just adore all the colours that you get with this lovely change of season. It's the 1st of September so it's officially autumn now too yeah?! Let's take a look at what new additions we have to The Creme Collection!

The first polish I have to share is actually probably one of my favourites of the lot and is named 'Pippa'. I can never resist an orangey-red! As I have very much learnt to expect from Kat's cremes, it had a beautiful formula and was very easy to apply. I was also pleasantly surprised by how opaque it was on the first coat. If I had shorter nails and less ridges, I could have easily left it at one coat and been totally happy! This swatch shows two coats with topcoat.

The next polish is another of my favourites. I'm not listing them from best to worst, it's just the way it worked out haha! 'Queenie' is a gorgeous deep blue teal shade and it was love at first sight really. Yet again another great formula and application. One of the things I love about these is that they are great at self-leveling so even when you think you might not have applied it evenly, it often sorts itself out! Swatch below shows two coats and topcoat.

Next up we have 'Una', a lovely pinky purple creme. I know I'm repeating myself but this also had a fab formula! These really are some of the best cremes you will find, I really can't fault them. Like the others, 'Una' is shown here in two coats with topcoat.

For the fourth polish 'Holly', we have something a little different! Rather than being a plain yellow creme, this little beauty has some lovely gold shimmer in. I think you can actually see it better in real life as it was only picked up in my photos where the lights in my lightbox were reflected on the nail. It's really pretty though! The shimmer made no difference to the formula and application as it was still super easy and smooth. This swatch shows two coats with topcoat.

The final new polish I have is 'Vivian', a gorgeous deep aubergine purple. This is definitely the one for you if you love those super dark, almost black shades for autumn. Unsurprisingly 'Vivian' was also a joy to apply and had a great formula. My swatch below shows two coats with topcoat.

I know I say it time and time again but I absolutely love the 'Ard As Nails creme polishes! Kat has done a wonderful job as always at creating some perfect seasonal shades and wonderful polishes. I'm just so thankful that this little hobby of mine has given me the opportunity me the opportunity to work with my favourite brands.

If you're loving the look of these polishes then don't worry, they will be releasing very soon on the 7th September on the 'Ard As Nails website! I highly recommend them and at the bargain price of £5, you really can't go wrong!

Abigail xo 

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