Monday 22 February 2016

Phantom Stamping

Award for most unoriginal post title goes to... In case you can't tell, I really struggled to come up with a title for this so I just went for something basic. It should become clear why I called it this haha. Anyway, it's Monday again BOOOO! Hope you haven't all been struggling as much as me today. All I really want to do is crawl into bed and sleep for a few weeks, maybe even months! However instead of doing that, I'm going to finish this post and then do other productive stuff (hopefully)...go me!

Today's mani was very much inspired by Charlotte from @charsnails on Instagram. I have already posted a photo of these on my Instagram so you may have seen them. 

Of course for the base I used All I Ask of You from the Phantom of the Opera collection (you see where the title comes from now?) from Danglefoot Polish like Charlotte did. I forgot how gorgeous this polish was and almost didn't want to cover it up. For the stamping I used Sugar Plum from Barry M and the MoYou London Fashionista 07 plate. 

While it's not as good as Charlotte's, my version is definitely growing on me the more I look at it. The feedback on Instagram was pretty good too! My next plan is to buy some actual stamping polishes so the image is clearer and more opaque as that will definitely help to improve it. Also, please excuse the raindrops on my nails yet again. Got to love England! 

If you like the look of All I Ask of You then head to Hayley's shop as it's currently on sale as it's retiring - I just nabbed a large bottle so get in quick! There are plenty of other polishes in the sale section and of course at full price too so go and take a look. 

Hope you enjoy the next couple of days, see you next time!

Abigail xo

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