Saturday 21 January 2017

Pastel Pets Smoosh & UberChic Stamping

Hello hello, another week has almost passed and I am back with another post. What a miracle! I hope you've all had a good week, it seems to have flown by for me. For this post I have some nail art for you to try and break up all the swatches a little bit. Let's have a look shall we?

It felt like a realllyy long time since I've done a smoosh so I decided that I was going to grab a load of polishes and see what little work of art (HA!) I could create. I chose my beloved Pretty Serious Pastel Pet Names Collection (bought from Rainbow Connection) as I've neglected them over the winter months and used all six polishes for my smoosh. As I was doing it I thought they looked pretty rubbish and almost quit and did it something else. I'm glad I didn't because once I'd finished, cleaned up and added a topcoat, I was very happy with them! 

Of course I couldn't end there, I had to put some sort of stamping on top! I recently got some new UberChic Beauty plates in a destash from my lovely friend Lorna (Very talented nail artist! Follow on Instagram here) so I wanted to use one of them. I chose to use this fab negative space bubble image from plate 7-01 so that the smoosh could still be visible and then did an accent nail using the reverse image on the plate. 

I'm totally pleased with how these came out! The wonderful world of Instagram seemed to agree too as I got a lot of likes (for my little account) and UberChic themselves reposted them! *cue happy dance* I definitely need to try and do more smooshys as they're so easy to do, even if they are a little messy, and they have such a great effect. If you're after any UberChic plates yourselves then head over to Nail Art UK as when Lorna isn't selling, Gemma is my usual dealer!

I'm going to wrap this post up here as I'm off out to see La La Land at the cinema. From most people reactions I feel like a lot of tissues will be needed... 

Abigail xo

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