Wednesday 15 February 2017

Whats Up Nails Heart Lines Stencil Nail Art & Review

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The other week I had an amazing little package from Gemma at Nail Art UK. Included inside this package was a fabulous array of Whats Up Nails stencils and I can't believe it's taken me this long to get playing. As we have had Valentines Day this week, I decided to use these heart line stencils first. Sorry if you thought Valentines was over and done with... I haven't really celebrated it yet as I'm not seeing my boyfriend until the weekend. More hearts and flowers are incoming!

Whats Up Nails Heart Stencil Nail Art

Now, I actually don't use stencils that often. The main reason for this is because I do the majority of my nail art with a liquid latex base underneath so I can take it off quickly. I know that sounds crazy when I can spend hours painting my nails but unfortunately, as I work in a hospital, I'm not allowed to have my nails painted. Anyway this means that if I try to use stencils with my latex base, the stencil pulls off all the polish. And yes, I learnt this the hard way!

Soo, the question was what do I do? I remembered seeing that people had put the stencils on their silicone mats, coloured them in and then made decals. As I've recently learnt how to make decals properly I thought I'd be brave and give this a spin! The mat that I have is the UberChic Uber Mat which unfortunately is not currently in stock on Nail Art UK. The good news is you can buy the mini version of it here. I chose to colour the hearts in using the beautiful Harry Potter Collection from Sparklea Polish that I posted about the other week (read the post here) and you can see how they turned out in the below image.

Whats Up Nails Heart Stencil Nail Art

Why did I leave gaps I hear you ask? Well, I thought I had a genius idea. As my base polish was going to be Mirror of Erised from the collection, I thought that if I didn't fill in some of the hearts, when I put the decals on my nail, I would have Mirror of Erised filled hearts... Turned out this idea wasn't so genius as you may be able to guess! Of course once I took the stencil away the heart shape was gone leaving a lovely gap. Safe to say I felt like a bit of a wally. 

Fortunately, my tiny nails saved the day! Due to the stencils being quite big in comparison to my nails, I was able to pick and use parts where all the hearts had been filled in. I only had one nail where I had to draw in a single heart to fill a space but I bet you can't guess which that was!

Whats Up Nails Heart Stencil Nail Art

Whats Up Nails Heart Stencil Nail Art

Even though I didn't use these stencils in the "proper" way, I'm very happy with the end result that they produced. The hearts have come out really clear with nice crisp edges. I was a bit worried the polish would all be dry before I peeled the stencil away but for the most part it worked well. You can buy the heart stencils from Nail Art UK here and they are £2.85 for a sheet of 12. Gemma has a wide range of other stencils and amazing products so you're spoilt for choice! I've definitely been lost on her site for hours just having a browse and trying to decide what I can buy with my limited funds as a student. She also has the best customer service and everything I've ordered has arrived so quickly. I really can't recommend Gemma and Nail Art UK enough!

Hope you're all having a lovely week. Only a few days left until the weekend!

Abigail xo


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  1. Ooh I love this and def think we can continue to post heart manis until the end of the month with no shame :)
    I love that you've used the stencils in a different way, it's always great to get ideas!
    Vicky x