Wednesday 30 August 2017

Danglefoot Polish - Baby Trio

Hi everyone! It's Friday wahoo! I have definitely got that Friday feeling today as I am off home to begin my 21st birthday celebrations! My actual birthday is on Wednesday but I've got friends and family things happening this weekend, including an afternoon tea party. Yep, I'm proper adulting haha! Anyway, not only I am excited about birthday stuff, today is a very special day... Two years ago today my first Danglefoot Polishes arrived in the mail! I was going to re-swatch those very first polishes but as I have a little pile of Danglies I haven't used yet I figured some newbies would be better. Read on to see what I've chosen!

If you follow Danglefoot Polish then you will probably know that Hayley recently had her third little boy and shut the shop for maternity leave. After having Levi she decided to create a trio of polishes for her boys and these beauties are the results! First we have 'Eat, Sleep, Poop, Repeat', a red/orange crelly with holo and blue chrome flakies. This has a lovely formula, not too thick or thin, making for easy application. I really love the shade of this, it's something very different! Swatch shows two coats with topcoat.

The second I have to show you is 'Yummy Mummy' a super pretty pale pink crelly with multichrome flakes and scattered holo. I thought this was going to be too pale for me and look really silly but actually...I love it!! Like, a lot. I'm even considering wearing it for the weekend. The formula for this one was thinner than the first and I had some minor cuticle flooding but nothing a little clean up couldn't fix. Swatch shows three coats with topcoat.

The final polish is named after the new little man himself. This is 'Levi' a bright blue crelly with lots of rainbow multichrome flakies. I think this was the one I was most excited about and it definitely didn't disappoint! I just can't resist anything with flakies, never mind rainbow ones! The formula of this was similar to the first so it was great to apply. Swatch shows two coats with topcoat.

I think it's safe to say Hayley has done it again! Bar all three having flakies, this is a fab trio with some wonderful variety and unique colours. The shades will be great for all four seasons and it's just such a lovely tribute for Hayley's boys. These are still available now from Danglefoot Polish for a great price of £18. At the moment they are only available as a set but I believe in the future they will also be available to buy individually.

All that's left to add is a big thank you to Hayley for being a top sparkle supplier for me over the last two years! My bank account may be empty but my helmer drawer is full and I love every single one. I'm so happy to see your family growing and glad I get to call you one of my closest friends. All the love.

Abigail xo

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