Tuesday 19 September 2017

'Ard As Nails - Colour Shift Collection

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Hi everyone! I can't believe we are now in September... In just a week I will be beginning my final year of university and I think I'm in shock! To welcome in the new season I have some beautiful polishes to share with you from 'Ard As Nails. I've featured 'Ard As Nails several times on my blog before and they are definitely up there with my favourite UK indies, as well as the Soap-Dodger side of the business that sells a fab range of bath and beauty products. Let's have a look at what goodies I've got today shall we?

The Colour Shift Collection is actually not a new collection but instead was temporarily suspended and has made a return with a couple of newbies! I already had a couple of the polishes but only in mini form and one of them was an absolutely favourite so I'm definitely happy to have full size back ups! I'm going to keep the descriptions pretty short as there's lots of photos so I'll say everything now. 

I have swatched all eight polishes over one or two (depending on my application) coats of Beauty from the Creme Collection and used just one coat of the colour shift topper. They all had lovely formulas and were easy to apply although application did vary dependent on whether the polish was smooth or had flakies, but that's kind of what you'd expect generally. Each swatch has a coat of topcoat to finish it all off.

A lovely polish that shifted between a deep green and a olive green/gold. The best news is this could even be blue and purple dependent on the base colour you use underneath and lighting.

This was one of the polishes I already had that was a favourite and although I still love it, the top spot may have been taken by another... Beautiful shift between purple, blue, pink and orange.

This was one that when I saw in the bottle I wasn't expecting to like too much. Of course I shouldn't have been such an idiot and remembered how much they transform when you put them over a black base! Shifts between green, gold and red.

Now this is definitely one of my favourites...can you see a colour theme with Sarah haha? Absolutely stunning shift between blue, pink and purple although it was actually one of the hardest to capture as it's slightly more subtle than the others. 

I think it's safe to say Amie is the definite winner for me. I like my purples and blues okay! When I sent my mum the finished swatches Amie was also the one that she picked out. Beautiful bright shift between purple and blue.

Fearne was the other polish that I had the mini bottle of already. I only tried it once and I don't remember it being this pretty! This is my non-purple/blue favourite for sure. Can shift between gold, bronze, red and purple.

Finally we have the four newest additions to the collection. Shell is another for the green lovers and can shift between green and gold.

Tara is an interesting one that can shift between gold and pink. It's not something I would usually have chosen but I do really like it. 

Christie is a really pretty flakie topper that shifts between green, pink and purple. Sounds like a fab combination to me!

Last but certainly not least, we have the lovely Mel. This is actually another favourite and can shift between pink, gold and green.

Well there we have it ladies and gentlemen, the updated Colour Shift Collection from 'Ard As Nails. You can buy them here for a great price of £6.00 each! I am so pleased I got to swatch these, they really are beauties! Thank you so much Kat.

Which one is your favourite? Will you be picking any up? Let me know in the comments!

Abigail xo 

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*Post updated 29/10/17 

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