Saturday 9 April 2016

Christina Marie Sale Mini Haul

Back again today with more swatches! This time from a brand that I haven't tried before: Christina Marie (@cmhandmadeuk on Instagram). As well as nail polish they also do candles and a variety of gifts. Surprisingly it was something in the gift category I bought first as I got my mum a frame with all our names in for Mother's Day. Safe to say, we were both very happy with it! Anyway nail polish is what I'm talking about in this post. On Instagram they announced they were having a little sale where the majority of polishes were £1. Yes you read that right, a bottle of nail polish for £1! How could I possibly resist?

I chose four polishes altogether and yes I realise only three are pictured above. I didn't swatch one as I was a bit of an idiot and somehow managed to leave it at uni. I can tell you though that it was a silver glitter topper called Icicle and it's still on sale in their shop if you want to take a look. Onto the polishes I did bring home with me...

This polish is called Amy and for this swatch I used two coats plus topcoat. I've taken normal day light and in the sun shots for all polishes so I'm going to post two sets of photos. Obviously that means there's going to be a lot so I'm going to keep text short from here on on out!

The next polish is Holly and again this was two coats plus topcoat.

 Last of the polishes is Jak 3. Two coats plus topcoat.

I've decided I can no longer say I don't really like pink polish...I've bought and loved so many pinks recently it just doesn't seem right! Overall all of these polishes were great. So so pretty, super easy to apply and all had full coverage in two coats. I'd definitely recommend checking out their sale as there is still a lot going! I put a link at the beginning of the post but I'll add one here too.  

Hope you liked seeing something a bit different. Let me know your thoughts on the numerous photos, sorry if it was a bit much! I just really wanted to show the sunlight photos but keep the layout consistent to the rest of my posts.

Abigail xo 

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