Saturday 23 April 2016

Spring Fling Collaboration Box

Hey everyone! I've got something very special to share with you today which is the Spring Fling Collaboration box from Danglefoot Polish, 'Ard As Nails, Luna Loves Lacquer and Soap Dodger. This box contains three full size polishes and a hand cream and I am absolutely in love with it all. 

Moonriver from Danglefoot Polish is a gorgeous bright sky blue with a pink shift and holo. Unfortunately I couldn't capture the pink shimmer (I'm not alone in this, honest!) but it still looks fab. The formula was quite thick but very easy to work with. This was two coats and a topcoat.


 Blushed is from 'Ard As Nails and is a muted coral holo. I'm sure this could have been a one coater but because it was dark when I swatched these, I added another coat just in case! It was absolutely beautiful to apply and I really love the colour. Two coats plus topcoat.

The last polish in the box is the stunning Mariposa from Luna Loves Lacquer. This has a silver/purple base and lots of colour shifting flakies. Again, super nice formula and the flakes are pretty good at spreading over the nail by themself. Two coats and a topcoat.

These polishes were all exclusive to the Spring Fling box so unfortunately you can no longer buy these yourself (I'm sorry!). Please please please don't ask me to pick a favourite because I truly love all three polishes. I feel like these were just a mix of my favourite things in polish: purple, blue, coral, holo and flakies! What more does a girl need eh? 

Of course there was also the Hand Love from Soap Dodger which is unsurprisingly absolutely beautiful. You only need a small bit to make both hands feel lovely and smooth and it smells wonderful. This you can actually buy from the Soap Dodger site and I'll add the link in here. I have it in the fragrance Kelleher's Karma but I couldn't for the life of me tell you what it actually smells like so I got the description from their website instead: "This fragrance has top notes of melon, tagette and geranium leaf, middle notes of Lotus flower, soft lily and jasmine. The base notes are sandalwood, warm cedar wood, rich vanilla and sheer musk."

As I've said, I really love this box and I'm so excited to see what comes out next! That's me signing off for now but follow me on Instagram if you want to see what I'm doing in between posts! 

Abigail xo

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