Saturday 2 April 2016

Freckles Polish Cremes & The Best and Worst of the 90's

As some have you may have seen on Instagram, I've gone swatching mad the past few days. This is basically because I've got seriously behind in trying all my new polishes and as I keep buying more (oops), that long list just keeps on growing! Anyway, today I have a few swatches from two new collections from Freckles Polish. These were only released on the 26th March and I swatched them the day they arrived in the post so I've got in quick! 

I bought three of the polishes from the new Cremes Collection. There is currently six altogether, however the collection will be added to over time so we still have lots more to look forward to!

First up is Fuzzy Peach, which as the name suggests is a lovely pale peach colour. This was two coats plus topcoat.

The second creme I chose was Parma Violets, a gorgeous lilac. Two coats plus topcoat.

Last of my new cremes is Minty Fresh, again unsurprisingly, a beautiful mint polish. I have to say I think mint and lilac are actually two of my favourite colours to wear in Spring/Summer so that explains why I chose these two! Again two coats plus topcoat.

Onto The Best & Worst of the 90's Collection! Again there are six polishes in this collection and they are all gorgeous. I only got the one due to money restrictions and also because whilst I liked the polishes, they just weren't necessarily colours I'd wear or I had very similar shades already. They all have brilliant names so I'd definitely recommend taking a look just for them! The one I bought is called Gel Pen Collection and while I may only have been born in '96, I am proud to say I had my very own set of gel pens. Actually, I still have them in a drawer! I used three coats for this swatch, however the third was just to bring the colour out more. It was definitely opaque in two coats so really it's just personal preference.

I also took some shots of this one in the sunshine so you can really see all that beautiful sparkle. 

As usual I was super impressed with all of these polishes. Certainly getting no complaints from me! Don't know about you but I can't wait to see what new shades get added to the cremes. Obviously I really love all of them but looking at them in the photos, I really like Minty Fresh...and Gel Pen Collection in the sun! In real life I actually seriously loved Fuzzy Peach on me. Not sure it's quite the same in the images which is a bit upsetting but hey. Thank you Julieann for all your stunning polishes yet again! 

Have you bought any of the new collections? Which is your favourite? 

Abigail xo


  1. Love these swatches and the colours are gorgeous!
    Vicky xx

    1. Thank you Vicky! They are fab aren't they!