Monday 2 May 2016

Forever Green

Hi everyone! I know I'm posting two days in a row but it is Mani Monday after all. It's also a Bank Holiday today so I hope everyone's had a lovely day. I've spent the day playing with nail polish (as usual) and watching The Big Bang Theory so I've had a great time! Anyway, onto the nails for this post...

First off, eagle-eyed readers may notice I've only got three photos instead of the usual four. The reason for this is that at the time of doing these nails, my thumb/thumb nail was really sore and if I used anything like polish remover or acetone on it, it hurt. A lot. I've no idea what I did but it only lasted a few days and now it's all better so that's good! However, obviously this meant I couldn't paint my nails so therefore no photos with my thumb in!

Right, onto the mani itself. I used OPI This Cost Me a Mint from their most recent Soft Shades collection as a base and stamped over it using an image from UberChic plate 1-02 and Ever Green stamping polish from MoYou London. Of course I then sealed it all with Barry M Topcoat.

My stamping recently has been a bit on/off so I'm pretty pleased with how this came out. It's always nice when your hard work pays off! I really like the OPI polish and there's actually a couple other shades from the collection that I'm eyeing up (I Am What I Am Amethyst anyone?).  

Enjoy the remainder of your Bank Holiday Monday!

Abigail xo


  1. Sounds like we've had the same kind of day. I've also caught up with GoT & Agents of Shield so I consider today a success. Love the mani by the way, the colours are lovely together.

    1. Haha sounds like a successful day to me! Thank you x