Monday 23 May 2016

Rainbow Gradient Nails

Helloo, another Monday, another post! Hope you haven't had a terrible start to the week but if you have, just remember the day is almost over. If you're like me then you may be watching/have already watched Game of Thrones! Anyway, onto the nails...

 So this is the first time I've done a proper gradient for agesss but since I had lots of different colours from the Danglefoot Polish Live Colourfully Collection, I decided to a vertical rainbow gradient. Now I know they're not technically colours that are in a rainbow but rainbow sounds better than multi-coloured haha! As with most gradients I started with a white base colour and then applied the polish to a sponge and sponged it over my nails. There's lots of videos out there if you're not too sure, just search 'gradient nails'. The colours I used from left to right are Dress to Impress, Ditch the Diet, Steal a Kiss, Spike the Punch and Make an Entrance. I also used Dance all Night on my thumb nail.

These aren't the best gradient nails you'll ever see but I'm pretty happy considering what my last gradient looked like. Can't tell you how much I love these Danglefoot polishes! Some people have also watermarbled with them so that's one of the things on my list to do next. Also got a few more gradients planned so keep a look out for those! 

Abigail xo

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