Friday 13 May 2016

Rainbow Leopard Print

Hello! How's everybody's week been? Sorry I'm a couple of days late but I did say I was busy now so there's not really a lot I can do about that. Anyway, today I'm sharing some multi-coloured leopard print nails. Haven't done leopard print for a while so I thought it was about time I did some again.

I used almost all OPI polishes for this mani (the exception is the black outline of the print). The base is Be There in a Prosecco and the spots were done using I Manicure For Beads, Rich Girls & Po-Boys and She's a Bad Muffuletta! I also used the Barry M black nail art pen to do the outline.

I'm pretttyy happy with how these turned out although after I did them I decided I should've done a whiter base as opposed to a nude. But hey, plenty of opportunities to do leopard print again. It really is so easy and you could even do it without dotting tools etc by using either the end of a bobby pin or a cocktail stick. Just choose a couple of colours and you're away! This is definitely a technique for people of all abilities. 

That's it for today, see you next time!

Abigail xo


  1. These look great and are such a nice contrast with the pale base. I love wearing a simple leopard print mani, it's so versatile.
    Vicky x

    1. Thanks Vicky! It really is isn't it, definitely need to do it more often x