Wednesday 4 July 2018

Monthly Favourites - June 2018

Hi everyone! Apologies for my mini break again, things got pretty crazy very quickly and I just didn't have time for nails. The good news is, on Monday I was offered an actual full time adult job! As I'm sure most of you know, I'm just coming to the end of four years studying psychology at uni. I've been applying for jobs for months and for the most part, have heard nothing back at all. However, all that finally changed! I'm so so pleased because I'll be working in a psychiatric hospital in my home town which means I can live at my parents temporarily. My boyfriend and I are planning to get our own house together so this gives me the perfect opportunity to save some money. I am super excited and it's finally starting to feel like my life is coming together! Anyway, onto todays post! Way back in October last year I did my first, and only, monthly favourites post. Now that I'm back blogging etc., I obviously wanted to start that again properly so here we are!

Favourite Polish
Obviously I did a few swatches in June but my favourite definitely has to be 'From Brooklyn, With Love' from Painted Polish. You can see my previous blog post featuring it here. As I said, I've actually worn this several times before but just never got round to taking photos. It's absolutely stunning and so sparkly under lights! If you're a purple lover, or even if you're not, grab it if you ever see it pop up anywhere!  

Favourite Nail Art
I didn't do as much nail art as I hoped last month but what I did do, I really loved. I'm actually going to choose something simple as my favourite but that's because it totally wasn't my usual style and I still wanted to keep it on my nails forever! These are of course my princess-y nails that I did for my final uni summer ball. For these I used Barry M 'Freestyle' and then did a glitter gradient using Barry M 'Diamond Glitter' and Danglefoot Polish 'Ag Oops'. 

Favourite Stamping Plate
As we officially reached Summer last month I obviously had to dig out the Lina Summer 02 plate and I adore the nail art that I created with it. My absolute favourite is this neon hibiscus mani as it really is just the epitome of summer nails to me! Check out my previous blog post on the Summer plate here. My Lina plates are some of my favourites in my collection and I can't wait to buy a few more once I start my job!

Favourite Nail Care Product 
In my October post I talked about the fab nail and cuticle oil from Apothaka. I kind of wanted to do the same this time but felt I should probably choose something else haha! The only other thing I use regularly is the Charity Pot moisturiser from Lush. I discovered this last year and it is now probably my favourite moisturiser ever. It's one of the more affordable Lush products at £3.75 for a 45g pot and I've found a little goes a long way so it lasts much longer than you expect. It makes my hands feel beautifully soft but also absorbs nicely so you don't feel greasy for hours. Apparently it's also very good to soothe sunburn so there you go, perfect for this time of year! Of course the best thing about this little pot of goodness is that all of the proceeds go directly to charities! Please excuse my slightly orange nails...they were stained by a polish which funnily enough was purple...

Although I thought June was going to be quiet, I ended up being quite busy and doing a lot of travelling to a from uni, home and London as I went to visit my sister. I have a couple of things planned for July, including a weekend with my nail BFFs Lea and Becca! At some point this month I'll also be moving out of my flat and going back home so things should definitely get a bit more stable after that and a proper blogging schedule will resume. It's been a great month though and I'm so happy to have got back into nails, at least a little bit!

If you've got any ideas about what things I could include in my monthly favourites post then please let me know! I feel I need something more but I'm just not sure what...  

Abigail xo

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