Wednesday 8 July 2015

Gradient Nails with Barry M Speedy Quick Dry

First post of the blog is about some gradient nails I did last night. I'm pretty sure I spent a couple of hours doing them but I was browsing the internet/social media at the same time so I wasn't exactly rushing. 

I used two nail varnishes from the Barry M Speedy Quick Dry collection in colours Eat My Dust and Lap of Honour. It was actually kind of annoying because I spent AGES choosing which colours to use and when I started painting I realised I'd chosen the exact same colours that I used for a gradient the last time I did it. Because of this I decided to do a little extra by sticking on a gem and using the black nail art pen, also from Barry M, to do some small patterns. The result wasn't quite as tidy as I'd hoped but by this time it was about 11pm and I was too tired to try and fix it. Once finished I used a couple of layers of topcoat to even out the polish as it's quite bumpy from applying it with a sponge.

 Purple: Lap of Honour, Blue: Eat My Dust

If anyone's done gradient nails before then you know that annoyingly the polish goes all over your finger and not just your nail creating a bit of a mess. To clean this up I used a cosmetic cotton bud dipped in nail varnish remover to get off the majority of the varnish and then used the Barry M nail paint corrector pen to tidy the varnish around my nails. This corrector pen is definitely one of my favourite things that I've bought recently as it's so handy and easy to use. The nibs are double-ended and the pen also comes with two extras meaning you have six tips to go through before you have to buy a new one which is great. 

I will post a tutorial for gradient nails another time as I didn't take photos last night due to bad lighting and my camera having no battery. Hope you enjoy this and please feel free to leave comments or questions.

Abigail xo

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