Wednesday 15 July 2015

Hearts & Flowers

This is post one of two today you lucky people. Mostly making up for my absence Sunday and Monday and also because of that absence, there's been missed mani's! Firstly we have my nails from yesterday. I kept this simple as I wasn't really sure what to do. 

For the base I used three coats of Rimmel London's Rose Libertine from the 60 seconds collection. I was just going to keep it at that but then decided to add a few little hearts using my white Barry M nail art pen. They're not as neat as I'd hoped they'd be but I don't use the nail art pens much so I think (hope!) I'm just still getting used to them.

I only bought this on Monday and although I really like the colour of this polish, unfortunately due to my very pale pink toned skin, it just seems to blend in. Like the Barry M Speedy nail paints, it has a wide thick brush so application was super easy and the formula of the polish itself was great too.

Like Barry M seems to be now, a few years ago it was Rimmel that fueled my nail polish obsession so it's nice to be using them again. Do you have any Rimmel polish favourites you think I should buy?

Abigail xo

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