Friday 10 July 2015

Happy Birthday Jem!

I wasn't really sure what to post today but then I remembered it was my dogs birthday and decided I couldn't be the only person who liked knowing about and seeing other peoples pets. So here we are, Jem is a Springer Spaniel and today he's 10 years old! 

He is 'technically' my dog as he was my birthday present but of course the whole family love him (except maybe mum when he has a drink and then proceeds to dribble all over the floor). It took years of begging to persuade my parents to get a dog. The story is that when I was younger I entered a Blue Peter competition to design a monster for Doctor Who and for whatever reason I was completely convinced I'd win. When I didn't even make the list of runner's up I cried to my mum and said "All I ever wanted was to win the competition or have a dog" so then mum was like "Right, that's it, we're getting a dog!". I remember entering the Blue Peter competition but I don't remember saying the magic line that got me Jem, however, I'm very glad I did!

Jem is completely mad which I think is a common trait with Springers and he hasn't slowed down yet! He spends most of his time running round the garden sticking his head into bushes in search of mice or snails; I'm really not sure why he likes snails so much.. Does anyone else have a dog with an obsession with snails or anything strange? 

We spent some time in the garden today and he even got a special birthday bone! 

Being at uni this year and not having Jem following me around everywhere has been so strange. It's really true that you don't realise how much you miss things until they're not there.

Happy Birthday Jem!

Abigail xo

p.s. - Trying to take photos with a dog that doesn't stop moving is hard!

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