Thursday 3 September 2015

31DC2015: Orange

The title of this post is probably very confusing if you don't follow me on Instagram (if you don't and you want to, you can find me at @polisheddreams_). Basically I decided to take part in The 31 Day Challenge which involves painting your nails each day with help from a prompt. Goes a little bit like this...

I haven't posted my red nails for day one on the blog because honestly, they were terrible. I had to do them late because it was a busy day so that already meant the lighting would be bad for the photos, then I couldn't get the polish off my cuticles for some reason and then I went and smudged one of the nails on a box. So yeah, went really well! Day two went slightly better so these I will show you. 


 I recreated this design by Nailstorming but obviously with orange for the challenge. The white lines didn't go so well and I'm unsure whether it's because I used a brush that was too thick or just because I have such small nails...maybe both! The polishes I used were Full Throttle, Matt White and Diamond Glitter all from Barry M. 

 This is probably the first time I've ever painted my nails orange and although I did keep looking at my nails afterwards and liking it more and more, I'm not convinced it's a colour I'd regularly use as a base. Maybe just for nail art eh?
Aside from that I was relatively happy with how these came out. Definitely need a good silver polish that isn't just a glitter topcoat like Diamond Glitter is though!

Abigail xo

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