Saturday 26 September 2015

Freckles Polish Review

Hello! Massive apologies for the seriously long absence, it was unplanned and there wasn't really a lot I could do. However I definitely have a great comeback post! Today I'm going to be reviewing my first ever little haul from Freckles Polish and showing you some b-e-a-utiful photos. 

First up is Reign Supreme, a gorgeous grey holo!

I didn't use a topcoat for any of these polishes so the shine is all from the polish itself! As this grey was quite sheer, I had to use three coats to get a full coverage. Now in case there's anyone out there like "Three coats? I don't have time for that", the polish actually dried pretty quickly. To me it felt like no time at all if I'm honest!

Next up  we have Papa Legba. I'm going to describe the colour of this polish as a sort of dark maroon/chocolate with a subtle holo, I think that's about as accurate as I can get!

As the colour was a lot deeper, I only needed to apply two coats to get full coverage. I really like this colour but I'm not sure it's one I like on me, maybe a little present for my mum perhaps?

The next two polishes are from Julieann's most recent collection, The Pitch Perfect Collection. There were lots of colours I wanted but unfortunately I can't spend the entirety of my student loan on nail varnish! Firstly we have Toner, A Musical Boner. 

This is a very beautiful coral/red depending on the light and obviously has that amazing holo in there too. I again only needed two thin coats for full coverage which is a dream when you're a (supposedly) busy student like me.

The final polish I have to show you is definitely my favourite and is called The Treblemakers. If you know me then you'll probably know that purple is my favourite colour so it shouldn't be too hard to figure out why I love this polish. However this is such a gorgeous polish, I could understand if it was everyone's favourite! 

Unfortunately I swatched this colour last as I wanted to wear it out, so by the time I took the photos the sun had gone down quite a lot meaning you don't get the full sunshine and holo effect. You'll just have to trust me when I say it looks great! For The Treblemakers I only needed two coats and like I said earlier, I haven't used a topcoat on any of them. I'm going to repeat what I said on my instagram post though, if they look this good without a topcoat, imagine how good they'll look WITH a topcoat! 

The formula for all these polishes really was amazing and I'm not just saying that. Definitely one of the nicest in polishes I've used for a while as it makes painting nails so easy. Now not only are the colours great and the formulas fab but all of the polishes are cruelty free and they are all at least the Big-3 free which mean they don't contain Dibutyl Phthalate (DPB), Toluene and Formaldehyde. Some polishes are 4-free or 5-free (more about what this means on Julieann's etsy site that I linked to at the beginning) and all information about which ones are in each specific product listing.  I am so pleased that I bought these polishes and I'm definitely going to be buying from Julieann again! 

Abigail xo

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