Sunday 25 October 2015

Coloured Ladybirds

This post and mani only really exists thanks to the wonderfully talented @prettyquirkyuk on Instagram. She also has a great blog which you can find here. Basically she did these amazing ladybird nails and as soon as I saw them I fell a little bit in love so hopped onto the MoYou London site, ordered the plate (and one other, shh!) and had a go myself!

I used almost all Barry M polishes for this mani, the only one that isn't is the polish that I used to stamp the ladybirds with originally which was OPI Road House Blues. To find out how to do the ladybirds, take a look on Pretty Quirky's blog/instagram for the video as that will show you better than I can explain it in writing. The Barry M polishes I used for this mani were Kiwi, Cotton, Blueberry, Sugar Plum, Passion Fruit and Stop the Clock and the stamping plate was the Princess 10 from MoYou London.

 I'm so annoyed I had to take these photos in a rush at 9 o'clock this morning as I had to get ready for archery and of course when I got home in the afternoon, some of the polish had chipped. I had a bit of an issue placing the decal on my ring finger which is why the ladybirds look a bit squished, the middle nail is definitely better though! I also had trouble finding a good dark polish to stamp the ladybirds with in the first place, not entirely happy with the OPI one I had to use. Just another excuse to try these again which is definitely not an issue! Aside from that I'm so happy with how these turned out as I wasn't sure how well the DIY decal was going to work. I thought it might be one of those times when you watch a video and go "Oh that looks easy" and then when you actually do it, it's a complete disaster!

Abigail xo 

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