Sunday 25 October 2015

Subtle Grey Florals

Started off this post saying I didn't want to get behind with posts and then didn't finish I am two days later haha! This mani was actually kind of unplanned and was just me playing at half ten or something the other night night because I bought a new stamper. After hunting through Sammy from The Nailasaurus' blog to find out what stamper she uses, I bought a double ended Konad stamper for about £5.50 from Amazon and at the moment I'm pretty happy with it!

The grey base is Pit Stop from Barry M's Speedy collection and I stamped the white flowers using Cotton also from Barry M and the Pro Collection 07 plate from MoYou London. The flowers came out really well onto the Konad stamper, the only issue I had was getting the whole image onto my nails. As the stamper isn't a big squishy one like my MoYou marshmallow stamper, I had trouble rolling the whole image onto my *very* curved nails. Luckily as the colour difference is so subtle on this mani, it isn't actually very noticeable that bits are missing!

This is definitely a great mani to do if you want something with a pattern but you don't want it too in your face. Really into stamping at the moment so expect to see a few more mani's involving stamping in the coming posts! I also realise it's like six days until Halloween and I've only done one themed mani...I've attempted lots more I swear, they've just all gone horribly wrong. Fortunately Sammy as just put up a nail wheel on her blog with 18 different ideas so I'm going to attempt some of them!

Abigail xo

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