Tuesday 18 August 2015

Speedy Leopard Print

Yay I've finally got round to doing this blog post, only a couple of days later than planned! This mani was inspired by Hannah Weir from The Nail Trail who you can find on Instagram here. I've done leopard print one or two times before but not since I started created Polished Dreams.

The polishes used for this were Barry M Road Rage, Eat My Dust and Coconut. I also used the black nail art pen to do the spots and outline for the leopard print. The small studs on the other three nails came from She Sells Seashells who do a ton of different things to use on your nails or help create nail art, all for a very reasonable price. 

This was a lovely easy design to do and there's definitely loads of ways you could variate it and make it different each time! I'm definitely someone who prefers to do this print in colours that are not actually found on a leopard, rather than the typical brown and yellow but hey, that's just me.

Abigail xo

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