Sunday 2 August 2015

Purple Trio of Dots

Two weeks later and I'm back! Didn't plan to be gone this long as I actually had gel nails done for my holiday but ended up breaking my phone while in Turkey and I didn't take my camera so I was unable to take any photos.. And then of course by the time I came home, what with all the chlorine from the pool, my nails weren't really in the best state to be taking pictures of. But anyway I'm back and I do have a new mani!

 Like the skittle mani in my first post, this was again inspired by Dahlia Nails. I spent ages yesterday just trying to decide what colour to paint my nails so looked through some photos I'd saved for inspiration and came across their original creation

 For the base I used Barry M's Lap of Honour, for the dots the Barry M white nail art pen and for the accent nail, a nail varnish from Next in the colour Champagne. I'd actually planned to do all the nails the same but after messing up the dots on my ring finger, plans changed and I painted over it with this shimmery silver and gold polish.

 The dots obviously are not as neat as Jo's from Dahlia Nails but dots have never been my strong point. Hopefully they'll get better with practice!

Hope everyone had a lovely two weeks and are enjoying this *sort of* summery weather we are currently having in England! 

Abigail xo

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